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Rukiye Tunc, young director of Tunc Group GmbH companies have been the executive for the company for years. In this way, she has overtaken the administration of an innovative international transportation company which has been active for over 30 years as a second generation executive for the last few years. Besides, since October 2014, she has been the president of “Turkish German Business Support e.V.” (TGVS e.V) which is a trade network that operates internationally and is based in Frankfurt am Main. . . She has achieved rather significant projects by adopting various ideas into real life with her team of trained personnel and experts graduated from marketing and entertainment departments. Tunc Group GmbH operates in various fields due to Mrs Rukiye Tunc’s different areas of expertise.

Tunc Training offers further education as an assistant professor in law of transportation and professional truck drivers and a member of exam committee at Chamber of Commerce.

VIP VAN leases exclusive vans for managers, executives, VIP’s, celebrities and state delegations. The vans have a luxurious full equipment: They are „heaven on earth“!